After reading Sousa’s “The Menace of Mechanical Music”, I had a few different thoughts. I agree with Sousa’s argument that the phonograph and the player piano do have a negative effect on musical culture. I think that with the overproduction and overuse of the phonograph and player piano can take the authenticity out of the music. As Sousa says “the whole course of music, from its first day to this, has been along the lines of making it the expression of soul states; in other words, of pouring into it soul” (279) As music becomes more interwove with technology- especially the player piano- music will become more reproduced and manufactured. However, while I do agree with Sousa’s argument that the rise of the phonograph and player piano are dangerous for musical culture, they were also both very beneficial. The phonograph has the ability to provide “professional” music to someone at any time and in any location. This development allowed music to spread all over the country. This issue still has relevance in the music culture of today. As technology has become a key component of music production and creation, the whole prosses of creating a song has changed. Artists are able to constantly edit and reproduce small sections of songs to fit their needs.