The item I chose from special collections was the original Fantasia story from the 1940’s. I picked this object because I have seen the Fantasia water show at Disney before, and it was the only object in the special collections that I was familiar with.  It has been a while since I have seen it, and I don’t remember much of the story other than the brooms coming to life, and seeing the pictures of that in the book was very cool. Also, the book seemed new, even though the tag said it was from the middle of the 1900’s.  I was wondering if the book was actually kept in that kind of condition, or if the book was fixed as it got damaged over the years. I also noticed that the book was a lot bigger than books are now, which I think shows that books have changed in the way they are made since this book came out.  The books that were super old that we were not allowed to touch were the biggest, and with this as an in between from then to now shows that books started to be printed in different styles as time goes on.