The size of the leaf from a manuscript Antiphonary written on parchment reflects how expensive music sheets were in the past. The size was purposefully made big so in instances of church groups, they would only need to look at the one big music sheet instead of all buying each a small one. To preserve this for the future, the book that binds all the manuscripts must be tightly shut because the moisture can cause the individual manuscripts to expand. That is why the manuscripts are all bound by wooden boards with metal bosses. It can be decoded by people who have studied these manuscripts and by those who have learned how musical notations were written in the past, then convert those ways to present ways. Seeing this object in real life makes me understand exactly how big it was for the group to be able to read it. Also, with the original artifact, I can observe the intricate lines that were made with the delicate touches on the music notes. However, compared to its appearance, I was shocked by how sturdy the old music sheet was. Compared to the regular music sheets today, the manuscript is far more decorative with the colors.