The stereograph was revolutionary for its time, it allowed people to be able to see 3D images. The stereograph is considered to be the original virtual reality. The stereograph could create vivid images that resembled real life. As the stereograph grew in popularity so did the accessibility to its images. These images were broken up into sets (some with as many as 10,000) with specific themes. Some of the themes were cities and countries (tourist attractions), art, nature, people, and animals. The first set of stereographic images was of the civil war. The stereograph became an instant hit when it became available to the public. Most people enjoyed the stereograph because you could travel the world from your living room. With Pictures of London, Paris, Rome, and more. People could see the world from their home. The rise in the stereograph proved that visual stimulation was a desire of the time. The stereograph was such a cultural phenomenon that people of all classes were able to own one. Today there are many advanced versions of the stereograph. All virtual reality sets are designed just like the stereograph. Both the cardboard version and the oculus rift are modern day versions of the stereograph.