While observing the many uncommon items in special collections, I gravitated towards Dale’s personal scrapbook of Beatles memorabilia. I of course know about Beatlemania, but that book of articles, tickets stubs, and even a piece of John Lennon’s cigarette, is a tangible example of an infatuation I have never seen the likes of. I flipped through, coming across an article titled, “Girls, Here’s How Beatles Rate You,” and thinking I was going to be subjected to a sexist sort of article, I was happy to discover the title was an early version of clickbait! Instead, I found an interesting firsthand account of the Beatle’s impressions of the states after their first visit in 1964. They described how American girls look way older than girls in the UK, but that English and French teens have better fashion. They also say that New York City was cool, but that they were really smitten with Florida. I think this is funny, because all of my family from Ireland is oddly fond of Florida as well. The Beatles go on to argue about what made them famous in the states, John and Paul insisting it was their music and Ringo saying it was probably their haircuts. This article was a neat primary source that provides an idea of what the early days of the Beatles were like.