The object I chose while in the special collections was a book from Disney in the 40’s, which was the Fantasia story.  The reason this object stood out to me among everything was because one of my families traditions is to go to Disneyland every year, and watching the Fantasia water show that they put on each night.  Although everything in the special collections was very interesting, this is the one I picked because it has both a historical and emotional meaning to me. When flipping through this book, I was amazed at how well preserved it was for a book nearly 80 years old.  This is especially rare since this is a book made for children, and this alone would cause most of the books to be tarnished within the first month of owning it, however this book the pages were stiff, there were no folds or markings on the pages, and the binding was in amazing condition which makes me think that the owner of this book purchased it with the intent of keeping it in perfect condition for future display.  This book also shows how Disney has changed across the last 80 years, from the much more classic Mickey cartoons into the Pixar animated shows we have today. Personally, I prefer the older style cartoons, and being able to see a story the way Walt Disney intended for it to be was a very joyous moment for me. I also found it very interesting how the pictures in this book seemed to be drawn before the story was written, since the words are shaped around the pictures in a strange way rather than the more typical style of having a picture isolated on a seperate page next to the text.  Although this may not tell as much about history as most of the other pieces in the special collections, this one had the most meaning to me, and I found it very interesting seeing how the world of Disney has changed from its original state, to how it was when I was a kid, and finally ending up how it currently is.