When I think of the word “album,” I immediately connect it to music, to that of a musical album. I think of a collection of songs, and also usually the cover art of the album comes to mind. While my initial connection is to music, however, this concept comes from that of a collection of photos. Furthermore album art  didn’t start becoming important, as far as I can tell from seeing these artifacts, until the invention of the 12 inch LP 33 rpm records that could hold these collections of songs all on one disc. It makes sense, the connection to that of the photo album and how the terms were linked when one thinks of how an album of music used to be a collection of many songs that came from different records. These collections then could be kept together in a book in the same way a photo book, photo ‘album’ was used. When these 33 rpm records were popularized in the early 1950s, soon followed the world of the album cover art. When I think of notable albums, I think of their cover art and sometimes this is more recognizable than the album name itself. Even in today’s society with digital music albums and sound cloud music, for the most part album artwork is still essential part of the “packaging,” promotion and identification of music.