Occidental Colleges infamous special collection library is home to obscure and unknown treasures alike. In the special collection, one can find century-old records, sheet music handwritten on vellum, and an Edison phonograph amongst the thousands of relics. If you are lucky, Dale Stieber the college archivist will exhibit her handmade Beatles scrapbook. The red leather bound book is occupied with newspaper clippings of news about concert release dates, new songs, and mobbed stadiums. The scrapbook also includes her indispensable ticket stub from when the Beatles played in her hometown and a one of a kind piece of tobacco from George Harrison’s cigarette. The Beatles had and continued to have an immense influence on music. The Beatles had a unique ability to speak to individuals through their music and lyrics, allowing people like Dale Stieber to commemorate her appreciation for their devotion to music. Dale’s book not only offers us memorabilia from news in the ’60s and ’70s but it reveals the culture, art, and activities that music lovers prioritized in that era. Though I personally lack a handmade scrapbook of my favorite band, I too have a collection of ticket stubs from my favorite concerts along with thousands of photos and videos. While the means of collecting memories from our favorite musicians have changed, the love and appreciation for music has not.