The Opeener’s phonograph party is a party unique to its time. At that time, phonographs were of the most advanced technology, and some people had the privilege of owning them or having access to them. In modern times, our most advanced sound recording equipment rests almost exclusively in the hands of professionals within the field. A modern version of a phonograph party would exist only among either musical professionals or the rich elite who could acquire the equipment. The most similar a modern phonograph party could get to the accessibility of the Opeeners’ party is using more widespread technology such as smartphones.

While one could throw a modern phonograph party with similarities to the original ones, the sense of awe and amazement that the original parties possesed would be lacking significantly. The excitement and thrill surrounding the invention is what truly made these parties as fascinating as they were, and without it, the party is merely just a party with music. Our modern society is saturated in recorded sound from podcasts, to music, to audiobooks. Recorded sound has grown and advanced exponentially since the phonograph to the point where there is virtually nothing that can bring that same sense of newness and shock as instantly as a phonograph could, which begs the question of where we can advance in order to restore that amazement.