I think that to throw a phonograph party today would be very different to how it was back when it was a new invention.  Now, there are many parties that people throw with music and I imagine it is a similar feeling to how a phonograph parties were back then, however now it would be much more unexpected to get an invite to listen to a phonograph, and seems more like an event that people who are into history or collectors items would attend. However, that being said, I think it would be very interesting to see how a phonograph works in person, and although my interest would most likely not match that of people back when this first came out, it would be cool to get to try it out myself.

One of the things that was very prevalent in the openeer papers was the idea of hearing back recorded voices of loved ones.   This of course would be very appealing to people because it is a way to remember someone close in more than just a visual way, by being able to hear them speaking, making it feel as if they are still around and in your presence.  It is a tool used to help mourning, and can be both a happy and sad thing to hear, but nevertheless it is a treasure many people hold onto dearly.  It is also a way to remember past times, such as when people were kids, and helps you remember what the past was like.  We have similar things today, such as home videos and baby pictures, and we still do look back at those occasionally to remember what it was like in an earlier part of our lives.