If we had a phonograph party today, I feel as if it will not be exciting or as tedious as it was back in the day. The reason why the phonograph was such a success was because the party was mixed with excitement of phonograph and the astonishment of the result. However, if we were to have the same party today, there would be no astonishment or a phonograph, and we will just have an iPhone to record the sounds. Also, there would be no need to keep adjusting the seats to sit further or nearer to the phonograph to modify the sound. It would also be different in a sense that it would all be done electronically and recorded separately and cheaper because it someone makes a mistake, one can just easily delete the recorded sound instead of having to throw away the wax cylinder completely. The theme of preservation of the voices is mainly based on giving comfort by being able to listen to the voices of people who have passed on, or the laughter one finds in the stories of a stranger or someone close. In those cases, the wax cylinder is considered as one’s most prized item if their passed loved one’s voices are recorded in it. However, all we do today is record voices on our phones and tell, text, or post the stories.